Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 3: Getting the Hang of Things

      Today ran its course in a very similar manner as yesterday with my arrival at 7:30.  I decided not to attend the morning sessions (mostly financial sessions) so that I could work on my project.  As Mr. Tucker is currently out of town, I know that getting as much completed as possible will aid him in his analysis and help with the quick turnaround that the client demands.  I finished up creating depth-pressure plots for each reservoir and began analyzing mobility data.  As mentioned before, two different companies performed this formation pressure analysis; TesTrak log is taken while drilling while MDT is a separate wireline log.  Due to this difference, in the pressure and mobility analysis I am performing, it is important to distinguish between the two data sets so that any major discrepancies that could indicate unreliable data can be noted.
      At 10:00, I went back up to the seminar to attend sessions on unconventional gas and enhanced oil recover technology.  After lunch, I attended the last few sessions of the seminar: unconventional oil, interpreting news releases, and worldwide energy supply.  As the seminar closed around 4:00, I gave my farewells to the few acquaintances I had made during the seminar (after obtaining business cards, of course) and returned to my office to work for a few more hours.

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